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Hello, my name is...
Sergio, but call me Serg, please. I'm 17 years old, the laziest guy you'll probably ever meet. I loveee sleeping, I mean it litteraly, it's my life. I get obsesed with things and people quickly, I mean one day I don't know you and the next day I'm waiting for you at your locker. haha. I'm just loveable like that. My life is really boring, and I have no clue why you've wasted so much of your time reading this.

I'm obsesed with this thing called TV, you may have heard of it. I spend alot of my time sitting either in front of it, or on the computer watching shows that I've missed. Right now it's all about the Real World Hollywood, The Paper, One Tree Hill, Dirt, & Nip/Tuck. Of course that doesn't exclude my beautiful Brasilain TV shows, Malhacao, & whatever Novela is on at the moment.


asap - next check? . . . got it . . . far away

1. Nikon D40
2. T-Shirts & Lot's of them ( 1 2 x10)
3. New Rippie Jeans
4. Formal Clothes
5. Sneakers (Puma/Adidas/Nike)
6. Shutter Glasses
7. Formal Clothes

Before Portugal... (June 09)
8. Vans Slip-ons
9. Diesel Sneakers
10. Beats by Dre Headphones <3
10. Rock & Republic Jeans

11. Adidas by Diesel Jeans
12. Sunglasses
13. Messenger / Duffel Bag.
14. Jogging Pants / Suit
15. TSHIRTS x onemillion

One day not TOO far away...
16. MacBook Pro

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